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Drupal 8: Extending Core Configuration, Extending Core Forms, and Overriding Core Routes


When working with Drupal 8, sometimes we will want to do things like extending the configuration of core or another module, extending a form provided by core or another module, and/or overriding forms on a route. At Jaypan, we recently came across a situation like this, where we needed to add a new field to the site for site description, to be used in structured data (aka RDF) for the site we were building. This needed to be a global field, so the most natural place to set the value for the field was on the basic site settings page, located at /admin/config/system/site-information.

In this tutorial, we will explain the method we used to achieve this functionality, going over the given steps, with an explanation of what is happening along the way.

Embedded audio player with externally hosted files on Drupal 8


Hosting audio files on a Drupal site can turn into a costly process, between the costs to host the files, as well as the bandwidth costs if the files are listened to regularly. In order to keep costs down, hosting the files on an external service, such as Dropbox, is a preferable alternative. However, as the files are not hosted on the same server as Drupal, it takes a little additional work to get this working, that at the time of writing cannot be done purely with modules.