Our Services

Web Services

Content management systems

Allowing users to create web pages - the user logs into the system, types their data into a text editor, and optionally uploads images or files. When the save button is clicked, the page is created, and is available to users over the net.

The created page has a URL (a web address) and access to it can be restricted according to the clients' needs.


Ecommerce - selling a product or a service through the website. We have built online stores that sell clothes, and we have built sites that sell access to private areas of the site for a period of time.

We have built sites that allow 3rd party users to sell items through the site, with a cut going to the site owner.


We have clients with employees in multiple locations, sometimes very remote.

We put together systems to allow for private and group discussions, uploading and sharing of files, and high levels of security to ensure that users are only allowed to see the data they have permission to see.

Integration of data between websites

This can be as simple as showing a client's recent tweets their site. Or it can be more involved, such as letting users search for and book hotel rooms on a website using a booking engine from a 3rd party website. We can integrate any site that makes its data available; Facebook, LinkedIn, PayPal, Twitter or anything else. And in the other direction, our platforms can also make data available to 3rd party users, websites, or mobile apps.

Video integration

Some clients want to be able to upload video onto YouTube or Vimeo, and have these videos incorporated into their website.

Others want to be able to upload a video directly to their own site, in any format, and have it viewable by users on any device.

Consulting Services

Our Experience

Drawing on over 20 years of business experience in over 14 countries and regions, Jaypan has the knowledge, skills and contacts to ensure your success in Japan.

Our Support

Jaypan will directly provide you with support in Research, Marketing, Strategy Development, Business Support (meeting arrangement, airport pick-up, hotel reservation, visas, etc.), Translation, Interpretation, and Information Technology Services. In addition, we can refer you to experts in Accounting, Logistics, Legal Services, Personnel Recruiting and Office Leasing who can assist you in setting up a local office or meet your specific needs.

Our Expertise

Our fields of expertise are Wholesale and Retail Trade, Information Technology, Education Services, Arts and Entertainment and Recreation, but we also have extensive contacts in Health Care, Accommodation and Food Services.