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What did we supply?

  • Forum creation and customization
  • Google Maps integration, including current location indicator and proximity searches
  • Multi-user blog functionality
  • RSS news import allowing for commenting on news articles
  • Server-side caching mechanism to ensure fast page loads

After Hours Japan is an online community for foreigners living in Japan. The site is meant to provide a place to chat and get information about Japan, as well as tell stories about living in Japan using the site's integrated blog system. Users can also create polls allowing them to find out what other users think about various topics. The site is based around an advanced forum, allowing for groups of users, as well as private and public areas.

The 'establishments' area of the site allows users to post an establishment, with other users then being able to rate and comment on the establishment. Establishments have google maps integration, allowing users to see the location of establishments, see their own location on the map, and search for establishments near any given location.

The news section of the site imports an RSS feed of news from, listing short 'teasers' about the news story, with links to the original story on JapanToday. Users are able to comment on these news stories, and any story that receives a comment gets promoted to the forum, allowing for further discussion.

The front page of the site shows recently added content

After Hours Japan