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English Friendly Japan

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What did we supply?

  • Ajax application
  • Google Maps API integration
  • Integration of browser back/forward buttons with Ajax loaded data
  • Creation of system whereby users can create free listings, later upgrading to paid listings
  • Creation fields that are only editable and visible once a listing has been upgraded to a paid listing
  • Having system expire when a listing's deadline has been reached
  • Adding backend whereby site admins can create custom footers for a specific category, with a default footer shown for categories with no custom footer
  • Creation of interactive, clickable map of Japan

English Friendly Japan is a site that allows users to add listings of businesses in Japan that have varying degrees of English ability - ranging from documentation in English, to English speakers, to first-language English speakers.

The site owner wished for users to first select a category of business, followed by an area in Japan, followed by a more specific area in Japan. Upon selection of the final area, the listings were to expand to show all the search results, each with their own mini Google map, as well as a large Google map showing all the search results relative to each other. This larger Google map needed to be zoomed to the right level to show all of the results, without being too big to make the map meaningless.

The back end of this site required that users be able to sign up on the site and post listings for free. Upon payment of a fee, this listing was to be upgraded to a paid listing. Paid listings allow users to add more details regarding the listing, and and paid listings also show up first in search results. Paid listings also need to expire after a period of time, thereby hiding the additional fields from view, and bumping the listing down below the paid listings.

Animations tie in with the back/forward buttons

English Friendly Japan