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What did we supply?

  • One-load JavaScript integration
  • On-the-fly masking of images with the <canvas> element
  • JavaScript slideshows
  • JavaScript overlays
  • Integration of browser back/forward buttons with dynamic content
  • HTM5 + RDFa 1.1 integration
  • Integration with the Drupal 7 CMS

Jaypan is our own company site. We spent days, hours, and weeks turning this site into something we could be proud of. It is meant to be a representation of what we can do, given the time, budget, and freedom to put together a site that we believe in.

When creating the design for this site, we wanted something that was clean, minimalistic, and elegant. We also wanted something to keep us in line with our location here in Japan, however, as our customer base is world-wide, we didn't want to be overbearing with the Japanese influence and just wanted it to be subtle.

This site has been built using the most advanced technologies to date on the web. We have used HTML5, currently the newest version of HTML with lots of rich and amazing features. We combined this with RDF, which allows search engines to better identify the content they are indexing, and allows other sites to mine data with ease. For the top page slideshow, we used the <canvas> tag, which is new to HTML, allowing for images to be masked on the fly, creating the diagonal split that you see. has been built to show what can be done with JavaScript. 99% of the site is built under our 'one-load' concept. With the one-load concept, the full page is only loaded one time, with content being loaded dynamically after the fact. The URL is altered dynamically to allow for pages to be directly linked to. And we did all this while balancing the load for the user, so that they site will work as smooth as possible as many browsers and devices as possible.

And finally, we added Google Maps integration on our contact page, to show how we are able to integrate different parts of the web into our site, bringing everything a little closer.

We have done our best to try to make the Jaypan experience as smooth and easy an experience as we can, and we hope you like the results!

Built with all the newest technologies