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What did we supply?

  • Integration of the Sound Manager JavaScript libarary with the site
  • Custom JavaScript framework providing the interactivity of the HTML player
  • Custom JavaScript framework integrating the SoundCloud API and servers with the Live For The Funk system
  • Social Media integration with Facebook and Twitter, sharing data in both directions, using a javascript framework
  • All design and development of JSON framework integration between the CMS and the user's browser

Live For The Funk is a website, originally created in 2008, with, in their words, "the simple vision of having a communal place to rave about the music we love. Since then, nothing's changed." The site combines eye-catching images with streaming music, articles, videos, and news about various DJs.

Throughout the LFTF website are audio players, allowing users to stream music by the artists they are reading about. The music files themselves are stored using a combination of two third-party file storage services. The first service is SoundCloud, a service made specifically for storage and streaming of audio files. SoundCloud provides an API allowing other websites to embed SoundCloud files in their sites. The other service is, a well known file storage service. The LFTF website was set up so that the sound files are streamed directly from the third-party servers to player in the user's browser, without ever passing through the LFTF servers. This allows for a faster user experience for the user, and lowered hosting costs for the site owner.

In order to provide a consistent cross-browser audio experience, we used the SoundManager 2 JavaScript library as the driver behind the custom HTML audio player that was built for the site. We then created a custom JavaScript framework that tied together the player, the SoundManager 2 library, the 3rd party servers, and the browser, bringing a clean audio experience to the user with a nice smooth interface.

Streaming music and social media integration

Live For The Funk