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Pants People

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What did we supply?

  • E-commerce integration
  • Custom 'tell a friend' module
  • Custom 'gift wrapping' checkout customization
  • PayPal integration
  • Javascript slideshows
  • Video integration
  • Code-level SEO optimization

This is an e-commerce site we developed for a client in the UK. The back-end of this site is extensive, with pretty much every last little detail on the site able to be customized by the site owner. The site-owner wanted to be able to add videos, slideshows or still images to each of the heads of the brands pages. The slideshows are all custom jobs, hand coded from scratch to the specifications of the site design.

This site is set up for the best SEO possible by placing the content of the site before any other content. All HTML on the site is valid XHTML, including use of the HTML purifier library in order to sanitize user-based input, so as to make content easier to index by search engines.

In order to make the site more fun, a special section was created to allow users to submit pictures to the site, with the best picture to be shown by the site owner each month.

All parts of the site are customizable by the site owner

Pants People