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What did we supply?

  • Everything!
  • Site design
  • Google Maps integration
  • HTML5 Geolocation API integration
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Platform for user-generated content and ratings
  • AJAX driven multi-step forms for a smooth user experience
  • Custom Drupal modules

Ramen is a popular, and delicious, soup-meal regularly eaten in Japan. Ramen shops can be found everywhere and anywhere across the country, with most regions in the country having their own variation on the dish, making for an exciting way to enjoy a tasty food all over the country. Both visitors and residents often love this soup, however with most information being in Japanese, there is a barrier to the average non-Japanese person, a barrier this site hopes to help overcome, so that we can all enjoy ramen together.

In Jaypan, we like to have in-house projects so that we can build sites the way we want, giving a change from building sites to our client's wishes. We love ramen, so we decided to build a ramen listing site. This site allows for users to sign up for the site, add ramen shops, rate them, and mark their locations on Google maps so that other people can find the site and enjoy it themselves. Users are then able to comment on these sites themselves, as well as rate the shop, and upload images, which, after moderation, will be shown in the comment they made, as well as the slideshow for the shop itself.

The site site contains significant integration with Google Maps, to provide not only an informative experience, but also highly visual one with large, visible maps making liberal use of whichever viewport they are being viewed upon. We have also created the site with a 'responsive design' that adjusts itself according to the width of the device upon which it is being viewed, ensuring that the site is usable and viewable across the widest range of devices. Users on narrow mobile devices will see the content in one or two columns, while users on tablets will see three or four. Users on desktops will see the four-column layout, with the header and footer extending out to the full width of their display. The design is a custom Jaypan design, utilizing bold, fresh colors meant to represent the bold, flavorful soup that forms the soul of this website.

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