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Sensei and The Geek

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What did we supply?

  • Full site build
  • Responsive design
  • Custom RSS feeds submitting podcasts to iTunes and Google Play
  • Embedded audio player for externally hosted files
  • Ajax login form for clean user experience

Sensei and the Geek is a private project built by owner Jay Friendly to host his podcasts with his friend Rob Beck. This was a challenge site, built over a 24 hour period, to show the strength of the Drupal platform. The site is built on Drupal 8 which uses the newest technologies, and allows for powerful, fast sites to be put together in a short period of time. The site is built with a fully-responsive design, allowing the site to be viewed on any device or PC. It uses multiple caching systems on all levels so that it reacts quickly for users, keeping bounce rates low.

The podcasts on the site are hosted on Dropbox, saving costs on both hosting and bandwidth, to keep costs at a minimum. These external files are then embedded into podcast pages so that visitors can listen to the podcasts directly on the site. In the backend, and RSS feed was set up that automatically submits new podcasts to iTunes, Google Play and other Podcast sites, so that the podcasts can reach as wide an audience possible.

To create a community around the podcasts, as well as to increase page rankings in search ends, the site was give a blog and a forum. Users can comment on the blogs as well as the podcasts to give feedback. The forum allows users to give ideas on what they would like to hear in future podcasts.

Blogs for user interaction

Sensei and The Geek