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Synapse Systems

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What did we supply?

  • Installation of site on Drupal CMS
  • Creation of custom Drupal theme
  • Custom jQuery scripting
  • Creation of video tutorials for clients of the system
  • Bilingual back-end

Synapse systems is a sales site for a product called Synapse, also developed by us. Synapse (the product) is a company intranet allowing for users of the company to communicate through text, audio, video and with files over multiple locations, with multiple levels of users.

The sales site has two sides. On the public facing side of the site, it is a sales site, telling users about the product and what it can do. On the private side, it contains an online instruction manual, built with video tutorials on each area of the product explaining it's usage. This manual can be consistently updated as the system is changed, meaning that the system users are able to always get accurate usage information regarding the site. The videos themselves are screencasts we created, that visually show the user where to click, what to type, and what the various options refer to. Each screencast comes with a voice-over explaining what is happening, and finally under the screencast is a text-explanation of the steps taken in the video, allowing users to refer back to the manual without having to watch the video each time.

The site has both public and private facing areas

Synapse Systems